Carpet 101

The raw materials used for processing from the floor covering are cotton, wool, silk, hemp, coir and/or chemical fibers. Products include hand knotted carpets, handmade carpets and mechanisms. In general, we also offer beddings, cushions, wall hangings, tabernacles, saddles and curtains such as the Taiwan blanket.

The Neolithic people used hair twists spun into yarn, woven into thick wool which is used for paving. Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty unearthed carpets were typically hand knotted carpets. After the Han Dynasty, the Silk Road of the Central Plains area stimulated carpet production. The Yuan Dynasty during the Mongolia people’s nomadic life developed carpet production under the carpet mill. The Ming and Qing Dynasties in Xinjiang, Tibet, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia and other regions with carpet production have also developed the traditional process on the basis of the carpet, tapestry, embroidery art combined features, creating a unique auspicious carpet pattern which has effectively spread throughout the country and eventually across the whole world.

Twentieth Century Beijing, Tianjin also established production and export under the Chinese Carpet Business which has eventually become the focus of industry’s production. The world hand knotted carpet traditional areas were based in Eastern Asia, Central Asia and Europe at the junction of each country. Since 1720, UK’s first Brussels Carpet looms and the carpet industry exponentially emerged as the times required. This is so because the development of machine-made carpet has accounted 99% of the total consumption in the world, leaving handmade carpets accounted for the remaining 1%. Carpet classification methods were according to the manufacturing process such as hand-knotted carpets, handmade woven plain weave carpers, handmade tufting carpets, and handmade carpets. It can also be classified by use, carpet, tapestry, kang prayer rug – this is according to the raw materials being used to make carpets such as silk, chemical fiber, jute carpet.

About Us

Blue Ridge Carper Co., Ltd is a well-known professional wool / commercial / hotel carpet manufacturer situated in the South of China that is dedicated into making Meijili branded carpets. Our company was established in 2002. We have religiously devoted ourselves into the research & development, production, marketing and after-sales service of Tufted Carpets as wells as into the printing of Nylon and Hand-tufted Carpets. Our passion into our work has made Meijili one of the leading brands in the industry.

Our factory is located in Guangdong Province, boasting a plant area of 26,000 square meters not far from the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. In addition to that, we have adopted an advanced production system from America that grants us a promising output of a staggering 12,000,000 square meters worth of effective goods every year.

We adhere to concept of equality, quality and service. We do our best to constantly expand our distribution network, improve our quality of service, increase our market reaction speed, offer the most updated information and samples, recommend the most suitable products, and take care of the carpet pavement project as well as our after-sales services.

Moreover, we have the capability to import and export this type of business. We have already formed a solid distribution network that not only caters to our nation but the overseas market as well.

Meijili is generally acknowledged by the domestic carpet profession and our products have been used in many well-known establishments such as the following:

  • Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Hall
  • The Great Hall of The People Beijing
  • Diao Yu Tai State Guest House
  • Guang Zhou Baiyun International Convention Center
  • The Marcopolo Hotel HongKong
  • The Grand Emperor Hotel

Among our premiere accomplishments are:

The First Manufacturer Introducing Nylon Dyeing & Printing Technology in China

The First Manufacturer Cooperating with Invista (Former DuPont) in China

The First Manufacturer Introducing TUFTCO Equipment in China

The First Manufacturer gaining ISO9001 and ISO4001 Certifications in the Carpet Industry in China

Meijili Carpet is given the title of the “Environmentally Friendly Carpet” by the China Carpet Industry Assoc

Meijili Carpet is one of the “Top Ten Green Brands” as awarded by the China Building Decoration Assoc

Praised as the “High Quality & Well-Deserved Reputation Enterprise” by the Chinese Institute of Business Administration

Praised as the “Brand Company with AAA Quality, Service and Reputation” by China Market Research Center

Enterprise Culture: Unity, Striving, Innovation and Factualism

Examples of Our Work